Fund Raising

Why is Fund Raising needed?

There are several key reasons for Fund Raising. The obvious one is putting money into our Troop Fund as well as the individual Scouts "T" Fund, but lets talk about Troop 772.

We have been and I hope always will be, a "High Adventure" troop. Taking hikes every month, as well as venturing out on to the Appalachian Trail for a 50 mile hike puts a lot of wear and tear on the Troops equipment. Tents get ripped, poles snap and cooking grill simply don't last forever, so it is critical that we continue to upgrade our equipment, not just when it breaks, but before hand. This will only make the adventure of scouting just that much more exciting.

A "Good" two/three man tent will cost you over $125.00. A cooking grill, over $200.00 as well as other misc. items. Until you run a troop, you will have no idea of the hidden costs.

Another item is simply the cost of running the Troop. The awards we give out are not all covered by the Scouts monthly dues. It has to come from someplace. When we reach out to Cub Scouts and invite them to Camporal, there are hidden fees. If we don't recruit new scouts, the troop would simply vanish in time. One last key point is simply this, if the TROOP is financially secure, it can offer assistance to scouts who are not so fortunate, for the scouting experience should be available for everyone.

But Fund Raising is not just for the Troop, it is also for the Scout. This is what the "T" fund is all about. Money the scout can use for any scouting activity or equipment. Next time you're in Sports Authority, or Dicks Sporting Goods, take a look at the cost of a good 20 degree sleeping bag or at a good pair of hiking boots, or a backpack. All of these, when you have the right items, makes the camping just that much more fun. The wrong ones, well, let's just not go there. Good Equipment costs, simple as that.

Then, what about the cost of Summer Camp, 50 Milers, or even better, a potential trip to Philmont, New Mexico. The cost can rise pretty quick, and having a healthy "T" Fund for the scout will only make it easier for the scout to manage the cost. I spoke to one parent, and their Eagle Scout was able to earn enough for their "T" fund to pay for the entire week at Philmont, that is over $1,000.00.

So, yes, there are many good reasons for Scouts and Parents to participate in all the fundraising activities for the troop. On top of all this, the hard work each scout puts into these activities will simply make them feel proud about himself. No gifts here, simply hard work, good friends and high adventure, all of which leads to a wonderful scouting experience.

Types of Fund Raising

Greenery Sales

Each year we sell Christmas Greenery. We can make a fair profit with these sales and with the number of scouts increasing, our success should only get better. The selling starts September 1st and has a deadline of November 10th to ensure delivery between December 2nd and 5th. Starting this year, you can order online (as well as viewing a detailed catalog) at this link.

Yard Sale

We had our first Yard Sale this past October, 2009. It was part of the annual Fall Festival that John Knox holds. The yard sale grossed $1200.00. We also held a raffle for a TV (which was donated) and we cleared $1,000.00. So, we cleared a total of $2,200. We start collecting items in August and store them at the church. Most of the profit for this function goes to the TROOP as a whole. (Exceptions are made if a family donates a high dollar item, then the sale of this items goes directly to the scouts “T” fund.)

There are two phases in the Yard Sale. Pre-pricing/Organization and the actual SALE Day. Scouts and parents are expected to assist in one or both. The 2009 sale allowed the troop to buy several new tents and other camping gear to be used by the troop.

Bird House and Butterfly Home Sales

The purpose initially of building these items was for the boys to work on the Woodworking Merit Badge. Scouts could build and then they could sell them. The proceeds would go directly to their “T” Fund. One scout last year cleared over $400.00 for this fund raiser. One way of cutting down the cost here is to keep a look out for lumber scraps. Last year a fence company gave us all the excess wood on a project they were doing. So if the opportunity presents itself, just ask.

Popcorn Sales

Popcorn Sales are one of the Scout's key fund raising functions, those scouts wishing to participate need only do so.

Christmas Tree Pickup

Here is the best fundraiser of them all for the troop. It is almost 100% profit for the Troop. The function is simple, just before Christmas we canvas specific neighborhoods with flyers. If someone wants to have their tree picked up, we will do it at NO CHARGE, but we do ask for donations. Then the week after Christmas, we pick up the trees that have been scheduled. Scouts receive credit for each action they participate in. All profits are split between the scout & parent depending on what they have done. Do everything, you get full credit.